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YourAgentReview is Malaysia's No. 1 review portal for real estate negotiators, and property agencies. We provide verified ratings, statistics, recommendations, rankings, reviews & awards for all real estate agents in and around Malaysia.

So how does YourAgentReview help?

Buying or selling property is one of the biggest & most complicated financial decisions we make – so finding the right real estate negotiator and property agency is essential. YourAgentReview is a platform where:

Property buyers and sellers can contribute positive reviews on real estate agents and agencies they’ve worked with. All reviews are 100% verified with relevant property documentation.

Real estate owners & buyers can read verified reviews, view up-to-date statistics and make better informed decisions on which agent to work with. This will increase professionalism in the industry.

Property negotiators and agencies will receive regular positive reviews that counts to an agent’s online reputation which is verified by genuine real estate buyers and sellers.

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